Services to CCGs & Providers

Through our patient care and clinical services, Bexley Health Limited (BHL) develops reliable referral data and identifies trends in referral patterns that we communicate to clinical commissioning groups and member practices to aid decision making and to support the development of innovative solutions to healthcare problems.

Key outcomes of the BHL referral management service include an improvement in the overall quality and completeness of referrals, a reduction in unnecessary and inappropriate referrals. These have a significant impact both on the efficient use of NHS resources and patient's time.

Booking of Patient Appointments

BHL contacts more than 20,000 patients each year to offer choice and assist in the booking of their hospital appointments.

Reduced Referral Activity

Since the introduction of BHL's referral management services in 2010, referral numbers in Bexley have reduced back towards the level reported in 2008/09.

Clinical Audit

Using our database and clinical resources, BHL undertakes a variety of audit projects on behalf of CCGs to underpin service redesign or to inform commissioning decisions.

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