Referral Templates and Clinical Pathways for GPs

To aid the GP surgeries in the referral process we have attached the most up to date referral forms and clinical pathways to support referring GPs in sending the best correspondence to the hospitals or community services as possible.

We have communicated guidance on referral best practice to all local referring clinicians and agreed this as a standard for the referrals we process.

Clinical Review

Occasionally a referral is assessed as falling below the agreed clinical standard. When this happens, a referral review clinician phones the referring clinician at their practice to discuss the referral and agree how it could be improved.

Clinical Governance

We operate within a strong and effective clinical governance framework that meets best practice and is consistent with NHS values in terms of safety, openness, probity and accountability.

Administrative Review

Sometimes a referral is assessed as being incomplete or falling below the agreed administrative standard. When this happens, the Referral Management Service administrator will phone the relevant practice to arrange the addition of missing information or to agree other ways of improving the referral.

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