Referral Best Practice

Ideally a referral should include all the following information:

  • Full patient details, including current address, mobile and home telephone numbers and whether the patient has agreed for a message to be left on an answer phone or with the family
  • Patient's NHS number (and hospital number if known)
  • Details of the presenting complaint;
    • the duration, course and severity of the clinical episode
    • what treatments have already been given
    • copies of the results of any examination or investigations e.g. blood tests, ecg or radiology
  • History of allergies or hypersensitivities
  • Significant/relevant past medical history
  • Current/repeat medication
  • Smoking status – essential for respiratory, cardiology referrals
  • Current BMI i.e. no more than two years old, more recent preferred – essential for orthopaedic
    referrals for problems with weight bearing joints
  • Relevant social circumstances and any special considerations – e.g. patient with sensory disabilities, patient that needs interpreter, patient requires transport.
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