Reduced Referral Activity

A key objective of Bexley CCG in funding the introduction of Bexley Health Limited's (BHL) referral management service in 2010 was to improve management of referrals to consultant-led clinics in hospitals, which had shown an increase of around 7.2% over the two years since 2008.

Since the introduction of BHL's referral management services, referral numbers in Bexley have reduced back towards the level reported in 2008/09 and are now just 2.5% above the 2008/09 level based on weighted population data.

Working with local providers, practices and clinicians, this change has been achieved through a number of initiatives:

  • Improved awareness of referral criteria and guidelines
  • Introduction of more local non-hospital based services
  • Improved identification of unnecessary referrals
  • Improved identification of duplicate referrals
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