Community Interest

Community Interest

Using our database and clinical resources, Bexley Health Limited (BHL) undertakes a variety of audit projects on behalf of Bexley CCG to underpin service redesign or to inform comissioning decisions.


Guidance to Practices

BHLs Referral Management and Booking Service (RMBS) are on hand to assist referring practices before all referral letters are sent to the hospitals. Referring practices are emailed to daily to ensure no referrals are missed in the process:

  • Missing Referral Letters - for any UBRNs that have been created on the E-Referral Service that are missing the referral letters. Practices have 3 working days to add the referral letter before it can no longer be modified.
  • Deferred to Provider List - any patient that the RMBS defers to the hospital, are emailed over to the surgery to make them aware that the patient is waiting to hear from the hospital directly about their appointment, as there were no appointments available at the time of contact between the RMBS and the patient.


BHL have an accredited trainer for all Vision, EMIS and E-Referral practices to travel out and further educate the core members of the administration team who refer patients via the referral management services.

With the changes of service within the NHS, BHL, in agreeance with the CCG, update all referring practices with the guidance of the service and any appropriate referral templates, which are created by our design team that are integrated provider forms, embedded and bespoke by practice.


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