Clinical Review

Bexley Health Limited (BHL) has GPs from member practice who have been trained as a Referral Review Clinician - they regularly undertake triage sessions, and feedback to the referring practices to propose, discuss and implement changes in the way certain referrals are sent to the Referral Services.

BHL offers regular training courses for Referral Review Clinicians that covers:

  • Service aims and objectives
  • Approaches to referral management and clinical peer review
  • The role of the Referral Review Clinician
  • Accessing referral information on E-Referrals
  • Empowering feedback

Occasionally, a referral is assessed as falling below the agreed clinical standard by a referral review clinician. When this happens, they phone the referring clinician at their practice to discuss the referral, how it could be improved and to agree an outcome. These outcomes can vary from redirection of the referral to a different specialty, clinic or service, the addition of further clinical information i.e. the treatment regimes already undertaken in primary care, to agreement to cancel the referral as it doesn't meet approved funding criteria.

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