Booking an Appointment

BHL is here to raise awareness of the choices available to you as a patient and to help you book your appointment at a convenient date and time, at the hospital or other provider, of your choice.

The six step process from consultation with your GP to attending your hospital appointment is outlined below:

Step 1

You and your GP decide that there is a need for you to have a specialist opinion about your care. This appointment request (referral) is sent electronically to BHL's Referral Management Services (RMS).

Step 2

Your referral is reviewed at the RMS to ensure the information it contains is complete and appropriate.

Step 3

You receive a call from the RMS to discuss the choices available to you and to book your appointment.

Step 4

If we are unable to speak to you (we will try to call you at least two times) we will book the earliest available appointment at the nearest geographical provider on your behalf.

Step 5

We will send you a letter confirming your appointment and what happens next. You may also then receive a letter from your chosen provider about your appointment and with any other information they think you may require.

Step 6

You attend your appointment.

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