About BHL

Bexley Health Limited (BHL) was established in July 2010 by the member practices of Bexley Care Trust (now Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group). Our first aim was to introduce a referral management service to review and administrate acute referrals from all clinicians within member practices.

Within six months, local GPs were educated in peer review techniques, staff were recruited and trained in communication and patient care skills, computer systems were established and relationships with colleagues at practices developed. But more importantly patients across Bexley.

Today, the absolute commitment shared by directors and staff alike to provide the very best healthcare services for patients remains undiminished.


Our Board consists of four directors, who are all GPs, whose role is to deliver the strategic development of BHL and ensure success in meeting legal, financial and contractual obligations and targets.


Our staff in the Bexley team are able to provide in depth knowledge of the area (including travel instructions for the community clinics as well as the hospitals), and to keep good personal relationships with the referring surgeries. All staff share a commitment to providing excellence in patient care and timely and accurate information.

Member Practices

BHL was established by local medical practices and its shareholders are all GPs within these member practices.

Review clinicians

Our referral review clinicians are trained in peer review and support their colleagues in optimal referral behaviour and pathway adherence. All review clinicians also work as GPs in our member practices.

River House (the site of the Old Mill), Bexley High Street, Kent, DA5 1JX Tel: 020 8269 3444 Fax: 013 2231 5373